GCUCAU Photos, by Di McLaren of Hub Sydney

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On The Other Side Of GCUCAU, by Jan Stewart of Hub Australia

What an amazing group of people attended GCUCAU. The whole experience, team engagement before and during the event, and then attendees, speakers and sponsors engagement was so generous and dynamic, everyone going above and beyond, a living expression of this new world of work and life we are building together. Where human beings can be themselves, entrepreneurial, creative, free, vulnerable, giving, all driven to improve society and themselves and to have fun along the way. Hats off to Liz Elam and Mike LaRosa from GCUCUSA. I want to go home with them, they are so awesome. A big thank you to Brad Krauskopf for stepping forward to do this for Australia, a… Read More

It took a trip Down Under to find my “Zone”, by Liz Elam of GCUC

The very first time I stepped in front the 200 or so attendees at GCUC USA in 2012 I was scared to death.  In addition to friends and industry peers I had gotten to know, there were plenty of strangers out there, and I felt the need to say something really smart, thought provoking and powerful; a desire to leave everyone with a big TED like ground breaking idea to ponder.  I hired a speech coach, spent countless hours writing and rewriting my opening remarks, not to to mention practicing in front of the mirror. Even with professional hair and makeup (and a new dress), I felt I did ok, but just… Read More

Co-working spaces offer solo workers what’s missing at home, by ABC’s Rosanna Ryan

Working from home and missing the water cooler? You may not be alone. Advocates of co-working tell Saturday Extra there are advantages for solo entrepreneurs and small businesses who decide to leave home and work alongside others. Working from home can be lonelier than people expect it to be, former Microsoft executive turned entrepreneur Matthew Dunstan says. It turns out life isn’t the same without the water cooler, the professional workplace, the opportunities for teamwork, and even the motivational presence of a manager. ‘When I say that to people, they say: “What? That’s the whole reason I’m not working in an organisation! I want to get away from a manager.” Read the entire… Read More

What’s the Biggest Threat to the Coworking Ecosystem? by Anna Reeves of Clearpoint Counsel

The GCUC Co Working Conference Unconference took place amidst the bright lights of Vivid Sydney madness last week.  People from all over Australia, US, China and even Middle Earth attended for a robust discussion about the future of work and co working. Not surprisingly co working spaces and future co working spaces were represented in great numbers, peppered by the curiousity of real estate agents, government leaders, authors and the odd co working member. International guests included the energetic Liz Elam from GCUC USA, China’s co-working superstar Bob Zheng (People Squared), dynamic kiwi Nick Shewring (BizDojo), the inspiring Mike LaRosa GCUC (Europe, SE Asia and USA) and the engaging Jeff Johnson (Liquidspace). Read… Read More

GCUCAU Storify, by Wildwon

Here below is the Manifesto of our amazing event producers and collateral designers Wildwon, and here is their Storify wrap of GCUCAU. Thank you Wildwon! Seek knowledge. Read a great deal and widely. Keep an eye on the detail – it’s the finer details of design that people will joyfully stumble over. Say what is right, not what people want to hear. Make experiences beautiful and meaningful. Maintain a sense of curiosity and wonder for the world around us. Be helpful, not hypeful, when talking to our community. Never stop challenging what is done and questioning what we know. Be a good host. People will never forget how you make them feel. Reflect. Magic happens… Read More

GCUCAU Wrap and Video, by Di McLaren, Community Lead of Hub Sydney

In a perfect demonstration of the collaboration that takes place in the coworking industry, spaces from all around Australia and beyond got together to share thoughts and ideas on everything about their communities and spaces. Running over two days, the Global Coworking Unconference Conference Australia (affectionately referred to as “Juicy”) was a meeting of the minds that the industry is so well known for. Coworking has a lot of moving parts and as such, the many facets of the industry need to be discussed in depth. But more importantly it needs to have all the interested parties involved and that is where GCUCAU really outdid itself; “The sold-out GCUC Australia conference amazed… Read More

What Happened On Day 2 of GCUCAU, by Helen Ahrens

A proposed national coworking association discussion and an Unconference of sponsorship tips, content & marketing, communication channels, workforce evolution and physical spaces. Day 2 of the Global Coworking Unconference Conference in Sydney on the 5th of June started quite bright, early and well caffeinated at Fishburners in Sydney. We started out discussing the proposal of a unified coworking collective body and then moved into an Unconference. For those playing at home, an Unconference is an open time period session where attendees can volunteer a theme, question or topic area to guide through and the group will pick it apart, review, challenge and muse over it for the assigned 45 minutes before jumping… Read More

Best GCUCAU Photos :)

Our amazing GCUCUSA friends Liz Elam and Mike LaRosa definitely have a sense for the visual. Liz made us go downstairs for the group shot (no was not an option 🙂 and the photo was taken by our wonderful official GCUCAU photographer Di McLaren of Hub Sydney). And here is Mike with his selfie stick on the red double decker tour bus that was kindly sponsored by Murray Hurps of Fishburners. 🙂 Double awesome.

What Happened On Day 1 of GCUCAU, by Helen Ahrens

Coworking future trends, community identities, marketing platforms and management ideas. With lots of discussion on coworking and collaborative communities, day one of the Global Coworking Unconference Conference in Sydney on the 4th of July was just as vibrant, engaged and diverse as you’d imagine it to be. With a furry of plugged in attendees, we managed to raise our twitter hashtag #GCUCAU up to be the #3 trending hashtag on Twitter for Australia for the day. There were many key topics covered and discussed in depth which is broken down below by section. Below is a curation of GTM’s Director’s tweets (@ahrenzie), GCUC official and attendee tweets that spanned day one’s key… Read More