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Day One – Customs House

Day Two – Fishburners

  • 8.00AM
  • Registration and Building of Coworking Wall
  • 9.00AM
  • Welcome by MC Brad Krauskopf – Third Spaces
  • 9.10AM
  • Opening by City of Sydney Deputy Lord Mayor Robyn Kemmis – including Acknowledgement of Country
  • 9.15AM
  • Icebreaker and group photo with Di McLaren
  • 9.30AM
  • Future of Work Keynote Conversation with Liz Elam – GCUCUSA 
    Where is work heading? What trends can we gleam from coworking to help inform the future of work? Liz Elam, Founder of GCUC, Founding Member of the League of Extraordinary Coworking Spaces (LEXC) and Link Coworking Curator, shares her experience of coworking spaces across the globe. GCUC is now the largest conference on coworking on the planet – with conferences around the world. She will be interviewed by Brad Krauskopf, Founder of Hub Australia and CEO of Third Spaces Group.
  • 10.00AM
  • How to Design the Right Space for Accelerated Serendipity – Adrian Lim – Cubikai Smart Spaces, Carl Sullivan – Yourdesk, Kyrstyan Mcleod – Hassell (Liz Elam facilitator) 
    Serendipitous encounters make the coworking experience special – you never know just who you might bump into. But serendipitous encounters don’t happen on their own – it requires a combination of a great space and an activated community. Learning from the experts in workplace design is a great way to foster more accelerated serendipity within your workplace. In this panel discussion, leading experts in workspace design from Hassell, YourDesk, and Cubikai Smart Spaces share what it takes to make those meaningful encounters happen.
  • 10.30AM
  • Morning Tea
  • 11.00AM
  • Creating Community – Di McLaren – Hub Sydney, Melina Chan – Inspire9, Peta Ellis – River City Labs (Balder Tol – Tank Stream Labs facilitator)
    In the coworking world, we often say “community comes first” – but what does that mean? How can you sustainably foster community? What are some of the challenges of having such a diverse network of individuals in close proximity? In this panel discussion, experts from the frontline of coworking community activation share the insights, challenges and tips on creating the best coworking communities possible.
  • 11.30AM
  • Research on Australian Coworking including suburban and regional – Bronwyn Buksh – Digital Work Hub Project Sunshine Coast, Kerryn Wilmot – UTS, Dr Tim Butcher – RMIT (Caroline McLaren – CoActiv8 facilitator)
    Coworking has experienced an explosion in Australia, with an estimated 140+ coworking spaces, work hubs and incubators and growing. Analysis of the impact of coworking spaces has been positive; in this session results from the Hub Australia Impact Survey will be shared, providing insight into the social and economic benefits of well-run coworking spaces, as well as research from RMIT and other sources. New styles of coworking spaces have also been embraced in the suburbs where Smart Work Hubs offer an alternative to commuting into the city. Research into Smart Work Hubs has found they improve quality of life, productivity, retention and real estate savings.
  • 12.00PM
  • Optimising and Activating Coworking Spaces Through Technology – Jeff Johnson – Liquid Space, Murray Hurps – Fishburners, Nathan Sampimon – Inspire9 (Rupal Ismin – Hub Australia facilitator) 
    In a digital world, technology is critical to the successful operation and activation of coworking spaces. We expect the convenience of being able to book meeting rooms instantaneously, and easily find and connect with our coworking colleagues – whether they are across the room or around the nation. In this session we explore the ways that coworking members are demanding technology to streamline and improve their workplace experience, as well as some of the technologies that have been developed to support these great coworking experiences.
  • 12.30PM
  • Lunch
  • 1.30PM
  • The Business of Coworking – Brodie McCulloch – Spacecubed, Darcy Naunton – York Butter Factory, Liz Elam – GCUCUSA (Murray Hurps facilitator) 
    Like all businesses, ensuring financial success determines the stability and longevity of any coworking space. Month-to-month memberships and cash-tight entrepreneurs are just some of the challenges that coworking operators face when seeking to develop a successful coworking business. In this panel, we get into the nuts-and-bolts of making the finances of a coworking space work. Questions we’ll cover include: Is there a “right size”? What types of offerings are most profitable? Do you need to be selling something other than memberships? How do you deal with the seasonal fluctuations?
  • 2.00PM
  • Coworking Beyond Australia – Bob Zheng – People Squared (China), Nick Shewring – BizDojo (New Zealand), Mike LaRosa – GCUC (Europe, SE Asia and USA) (Liz Elam facilitator)
    Like Australia, New Zealand and countries throughout Asia and Europe have all experienced a boom in coworking spaces. In each location a slightly different business model and offering has been developed to suit the local cultural and economic conditions.
  • 2.30PM
  • Coworking in the Corporate Sphere – Mark Woodrow – Yammer, Simon Pole – Unispace, Tim Mahlberg – NAB, (Caroline McLaren facilitator) 
    Coworking is a new work phenomena that a range of corporates have embraced. Employees have found that coworking spaces provide an innovative environment and welcome respite from the everyday office. Many people argue that truly innovative products and services can only be developed outside the confines of the office, so leverage coworking spaces as homes for their “skunkworks” projects. There are also a range of challenges faced by corporates utilising coworking spaces, including concerns about security, privacy and intellectual property. This has meant that despite their best intentions, corporates sometimes struggle to regularly use and connect with coworking spaces. Learn from a range of companies about how they have found ways to interact successfully with coworking spaces.
  • 3.00PM
  • Afternoon Tea – Ask Melina and Julian about Unconference
  • 3.30PM
  • Coworking and Government, Scalable Economic Impact – Kate Murray – City of Sydney, Kaush Singh – Renewal SA, Keirra Smith – NSW Department of Trade and Investment (Caroline McLaren facilitator)
    Coworking spaces and work hubs foster hives of innovation and business growth. For governments, this provides an opportunity to encourage scalable economic impact. Some government agencies have already invested in work hubs, including the South Australian Government and UrbanGrowth NSW. The impacts of these have been impressive – at Hub Adelaide it’s estimated over $5.7M in new jobs were created within the first year of operation, and the NSW Dept of Trade and Investment is seeing tangible results from their Smart Work Hubs initiative.
  • 4.00PM
  • “Extreme Real Estate” Introductory Keynote with Jeff Johnson – Liquidspace
  • 4.15PM
  • Commercial Real Estate and the Coworking Trend – Brad Krauskopf – Third Spaces, John Preece – Knight Frank, Leonie Kemp – Regus (Jeff Johnson facilitator)
    Traditionally office space has been the domain of real estate and a function of square metres and offices. Increasingly, real estate companies and teams are recognising that there has to be a shift in thinking from ‘real estate’ to ‘work place experience’. Individual occupants needs and experience are being put at the centre of the equation. Research by Knight Frank has found that occupiers are increasingly seeking agile working and connectivity. This means going above-and-beyond the basic amenities of a workplace to provide additional flexible facilities and networking opportunities. Join this panel as we discuss the catalysts of this shift and how to embrace this new way of thinking about ‘work place experiences’.
  • 4.45PM
  • Closing Remarks
  • 5.00PM
  • Happy Hour and book launch of The Coworking Revolution
  • 6.00PM
  • You are Free to Explore Vivid Sydney

Day Two

  • 8.30AM
  • Coworking Industry Association and Smart Work Hubs Association Breakfast Discussion 
  • 9.30AM
  • Unconference with Julian Waters-Lynch – Holos Group and RMIT, Melina Chan – Inspire9 and Trampoline Day 
  • 12.50PM
  • MC Closing Remarks
  • 1.00PM
  • Take a Lunch Break in Ultimo
  • 1.50PM
  • Guided Tours of Sydney Coworking Spaces (in a Double Decker Red Bus!)
  • 5.00PM
  • Winedown at Hub Sydney