What’s the Biggest Threat to the Coworking Ecosystem? by Anna Reeves of Clearpoint Counsel

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The GCUC Co Working Conference Unconference took place amidst the bright lights of Vivid Sydney madness last week.  People from all over Australia, US, China and even Middle Earth attended for a robust discussion about the future of work and co working. Not surprisingly co working spaces and future co working spaces were represented in great numbers, peppered by the curiousity of real estate agents, government leaders, authors and the odd co working member. International guests included the energetic Liz Elam from GCUC USA, China’s co-working superstar Bob Zheng (People Squared), dynamic kiwi Nick Shewring (BizDojo), the inspiring Mike LaRosa GCUC (Europe, SE Asia and USA) and the engaging Jeff Johnson (Liquidspace).

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