GCUCAU Wrap and Video, by Di McLaren, Community Lead of Hub Sydney

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In a perfect demonstration of the collaboration that takes place in the coworking industry, spaces from all around Australia and beyond got together to share thoughts and ideas on everything about their communities and spaces.

Running over two days, the Global Coworking Unconference Conference Australia (affectionately referred to as “Juicy”) was a meeting of the minds that the industry is so well known for. Coworking has a lot of moving parts and as such, the many facets of the industry need to be discussed in depth. But more importantly it needs to have all the interested parties involved and that is where GCUCAU really outdid itself;

“The sold-out GCUC Australia conference amazed me most with it’s energy and representation from across small business, corporates, government, university and coworking operators.”
–Bradley Krauskopf (CEO and Founder of Hub Australia)

On Thursday at Customs House Sydney, Deputy Lord Mayor, Robyn Kemmis, opened the conference on behalf of the City of Sydney. Following that we had the Keynote Address featuring Liz Elam the founder of GCUC and Bradley Krauskopf, CEO of Third Spaces Group. The day then descended into a series of panel discussions that introduced us to the terms ‘accelerated serendipity’ ‘space activation’ and ‘bubblegum and cable solutions’. “The most important thing I noticed was how universal a lot of the challenges were, and the obvious potential for small solutions to make life easier for a large number of spaces.” – Murray Hurps (GM of Fishburners). And that was where the breaks came in.

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