What Happened On Day 2 of GCUCAU, by Helen Ahrens

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A proposed national coworking association discussion and an Unconference of sponsorship tips, content & marketing, communication channels, workforce evolution and physical spaces.

Day 2 of the Global Coworking Unconference Conference in Sydney on the 5th of June started quite bright, early and well caffeinated at Fishburners in Sydney. We started out discussing the proposal of a unified coworking collective body and then moved into an Unconference. For those playing at home, an Unconference is an open time period session where attendees can volunteer a theme, question or topic area to guide through and the group will pick it apart, review, challenge and muse over it for the assigned 45 minutes before jumping into another session.

After smashing through a variety of topics at the Unconference section of the day, GCUCAU then piled into a double decker red bus to visit Tank Steam Labs, Gravity Cowork, Your Desk and lastly to Hub Sydney for wine down drinks.

Twitter again was the main source of information flow for those both at the conference and for those who were following along worldwide. There were many key topics covered and discussed in depth which is broken down below by section. Below is a curation of my own, GCUC official and attendee tweets that spanned day two’s key topics.

Read more from Helen here:

– Thanks Helen for an amazing wrap up of GCUCAU!

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